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30 October 2010 @ 09:57 pm
since we both worked yesterday.

Went out and looked around some stores for a while.... Pretty boring, honestly, but nice to be out. ^_^'
And then we went to Red Lobster...... The biscuits!!! Seriously some of the best things ever, hahah. I got king crab legs - which are freaking pointy as hell on the shell (I was not aware of the severity of the pointy-ness, lol...), and I actually hurt myself trying to get the meat out XD - and he got a steak, which was easily some of the best beef, if not the best, we've ever had. Everything tasted amazing. *_* Even the salad dressing was awesome, lol. And the onion rings that came with his steak....... *,*

Gotta work eight hours tomorrow, but, since it's Sunday, hopefully there will only be one other waitress there, and so I can get some good money.
I've actually been making a lot. I'm very surprised. Made $285 my first week, and I have $250 this week, not including tomorrow. So, at least $200 every week, maybe even at least $250.....for only about fifteen or twenty hours per week! :OOO Literally over double minimum wage, hah. Lovin' it.

And since I'm making good money, I'm gonna treat myself (and try not to feel guilty afterwards, lmao). There's actually a few video games I've been interested in lately, and Ayu is coming out with a new album in December (<<333!). And I want Mika Nakashima's new album, and a few others........And I have the fuckin' money for it all---YES!! XP *splurge* And what's even better is, I already have rent money for next month saved up, and I put in a pretty good amount of savings the past few weeks. Things are finally starting to look up, at least money-wise....? (Don't wanna jinx it, lol. D: Ee...)
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19 October 2010 @ 05:49 pm
and it was all in cash. Considering that and everything else (like not having to sign a W-4, hah >.>), I believe it's safe to say that I'm working off the books. >:P Good stuff, ya.

Also, I'm officially done with my training, and I start as a real waitress tomorrow. Hope I still get the good tips, now that I'll actually be keeping them, hah. ^^'
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10 October 2010 @ 07:35 pm
So far, this place seems like a great place to work. Relaxing environment, [surprisingly, hah] friendly co-workers, organised rules, very easy to know menu... Oh, and it seems as though people here tip better than average, at least for this city. And the cash register is incredibly easy to work with. And, perhaps most importantly, the food looks awesome, hah. Ohohoh, and we seriously have kimono uniforms, lol. There's a coat rack full to choose from. Pretty. :)

I thought it would be at least a little tougher, considering it was my first day and a new place and all, but everything is so straight-forward and well thought out, and everybody was incredibly helpful. It's not the chaos it was at my last job.
I was expecting to be in charge of a lot more little things, too, lol. Like, when I went to get some salads for a table ('cause they had me wait on a few tables already :'D), I saw we ran out.... I started looking for where the back-up salads were kept, and one of the cooks ran and got them out for me.... I tried to take the salads from him, and he gave me the oddest look and shook his head and laughed, because he didn't expect me to make an effort to set them up, I guess. I just assumed he would hand them to me - if that, even - but no.......... Oh my gawd. People here actually want to help you out. ;_; I know there will be more to do, obviously, once I'm settled in more, or when I open or close, but still. I can already tell that everything isn't a free-for-all and 'every man for himself' type of thing, as before..... :')

Anyhow, I really have to get used to all this again, though. The bringing out food and such thing, I mean.... Especially since there's more large parties at this place. Not used to such full trays. I kind of messed up my hand in just a few hours, carrying out trays of drinks and the big dishes (we have really big plates, hah..). >.<' Not much I can do about that though. Not even like I could wear my brace, considering, ya know, that would totally interfere with handling all the stuff. >.> But whatever. I'll live. >_<'
Also, I need to remember just how very hot the plates can get, how very quickly, lol. The very first plate I picked up, I stood and held it for a few seconds while I said something to my boss, and so by the time I headed out of the kitchen, my fingers were burning....... All I could think was,
.....Of course, I kept all that inside and tried to keep smiling, and tried to set the plate down gently and calmly, lmao...... Ow. :\

Oh, and the Chinese server I worked with today - she's obviously very Chinese, and she's got an accent, and she was born in Hong Kong - her name is Tiffany..... Wut. >_> (I  know, I know, you shouldn't assume her name would be Jinghua, just because she's Chinese, hah.. But still. XP) And my boss' name, it's badass. So fun to say! It's Rosco. Hah! Rosssscooooo. XD
And speaking of my boss, he totally can't say my name. It sounds like he keeps saying Nani..... Wait, what? ._. Seriously, when we first talked, as I was leaving from the interview, he said to me, "Oh..... Uh, Nani?" And I was like, '..........*surprised look* !_!..... Nani? :D' I totally thought he was trying to speak Japanese to me. XD But yeah. We'll work on that. ^_^'
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08 October 2010 @ 12:43 pm
I am officially a server. ^_^ I start my training on Sunday! He said I'll only work a few days a week, but I'll get a lot of hours each day, so it equals out. And hey, it's something.

Oh, and it's funny. It's a Japanese steakhouse, run by Chinese people. And there's this random super-White girl who serves, hah. But yeah. XP
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07 October 2010 @ 01:15 pm
Seriously, I'm getting a good day??? This hasn't happened in weeks.

But yeah. Got my CDs today that I ordered. ;____; Had to wake up at nine and wait for the Fed Ex dude, but hey, I got 'em. And when I ordered the CDs, the site was having a free shipping special on all 50USD+ orders. What ever shipping you want. :D I chose Fed Ex to see how they do......not really worth the extra money, in my opinion. Yes, it got here VERY fast, but it's pretty pricey, and you have to sign. (I fucking hate signing for things, lol. Not only is the timing they come very random, and usually really early in the morning [well, for me], but if you miss them, you might have to pick it up.... And for me, it's quite a drive to get it. >_<) It was great to have this time, since it was free, but I save almost ten dollars with my usual method. I can wait another half a week with my airmail.

Aaaannndd, the real highlight is, I got a job interview again tomorrow!!!!!!!!!1 Holy poo. ;__________; I've put in about thirty applications now. This is the first real interview I've had (I had some people talk to me after the I handed in the application, but a lot of places try to do that now, no matter what). So, yes. Yes-yes-yes-yesyesyes. Please, gawd, Naomi, don't screw this up....... I'm really running out of places to try, lol. Literally. :(
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15 September 2010 @ 04:14 pm
That was so fucking awkward, and I never want to do it again. Especially since it was a waste of time. He found nothing from the actual test, and one of the only real comments he had was, 'well, it may be cysts or ulcers on your cervix, but that's perfectly normal. :D *nods head*' And the fact that I have to piss literally over twice as much as usual didn't faze him, either. Neither did any of the other crap I discussed with him, I guess. -_- Just, if the symptoms persist, 'give us a call back. :D' Um, dude, this has been going on for a while now, and that's kind of why I'm here? ..No? *sigh* Alright, nevermind. :\ Guess I'm okay, then......

I need soup.
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15 September 2010 @ 10:21 am
of playing phone tag with the doctor's office, starting at 8:00, just to get an appointment at 2:15. Sucks. I'm so tired, considering I went to bed at 5:30. Also, I'm going to have a male doctor. And part of the reason I'm going in is for a Pap smear. Holy fucking shit, that sucks. Not gonna lie, I'm terrified. :\ Bad enough I have to do this (it's my first real exam), but then it's a guy... This sucks..... Funny, when the doctor scheduling me asked if it was okay that my doctor would be a man, inside I'm screaming, 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IT'S NOT OOOKAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;____;'......but I said yes. *sigh* I just want to get this over with, I guess.
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09 September 2010 @ 06:38 pm
I have what I believe to be ulcers in a place where ulcers really don't belong (not that ulcers are ever good, but some ulcers are certainly worse than others). Annnd, the usual other crap, of course. Let's just say, I really need to remember to call the doctor tomorrow; I would like a blood panel, and I should honestly get a full check-up of my lady parts ASAP (noooooo! ;__;).

I've checked several places to see who's hiring (many aren't), and I've applied to four of them now. No word from any of them. Fuck you all. #_# Looks like I'll be doing the rounds of the city, again. God, I fucking hate this economy so much, especially where I live. What will I do if I can't find a job.....

Oh, and I've been playing Hello Kitty (yes, Hello Kitty) Online for almost three days now, all day. I'm fucking addicted. I hate myself. -_-' Fortunately, though, the place is actually heavily made up of other housewives and bored twenty to thirty year old women, lmao, so I can have some normal conversations with people if I wish. There's also a good bit of males, I think. Unexpected. >_>
He got it for me because he knows how bored I've been, and because I happen to find Hello Kitty to be fucking precious. He also got a Sanrio 50th anniversary plushie set along with it, and it's adorable. Fucking adorable. I got a Chococat now!!! !_!

I should go eat something. Or lay down. Or both. I dunno. I'm confused--What? Ugh. ;_; So weak feeling. I'm all grey and shit. Ugh.
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05 September 2010 @ 03:34 pm
Finally!! Seriously, I've been without a pan for a while now. Which is sad, since I've been craving eggs and fried potatoes and meat cooked in the skillet.... Ugh. But anyhow! I have one now! ^,^

He made us some hamburgers the first night, and then I made breakfast burritos last night..... Oh. My. Gawd. So much easier with this pan. Not only is it nearly twice as big (it's 12") - for the first time in my life, I could cook bacon fully spread out, instead of folding it over and crap :O - but I actually have non-stick to it now. YES! My other pan didn't have any left to it (not even sure if it had any in the first place...), and so I had to scrub the pan for literally a week or more, trying to get the centimetre layer of food off of it. o_o And it was pretty much impossible to make a regular fried egg, since it stuck so badly... But man, I DIDN'T EVEN NEED TO USE ANY BUTTER FOR THE EGGS WITH THIS ONE--OH MY FUCKING GAWD HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!!!!!!! X_X *dead*

But! I thought it was just my old pan, because it was wobbly and such, but I have confirmed with this new pan and also with a level tool that, indeed, my house is leaning slightly downwards, lol. I figured this out when, even in my new pan, all the grease/eggs/whatever drifted to the bottom end of the pan, lol...... Ghetto.

On a side note, I slept until past 3:00 today. So, nearly twelve hours. And I don't even fucking care. I actually woke up several times before then, but I just don't care. Honestly, what do I have to do, really - why should I wake up at a specific time? >_> Anyhow, I feel great because of it. I think my body needs at least twelve hours every day, seriously, to feel even half decent throughout the day... Too bad I can't sleep this long all the time. I love having a few hours to the day where I'm not falling asleep. -.-
(One bad thing about this, though, is that I've been eating around right before 1:00 every day, so now I'm fucking starving, and my schedule is probably gonna be messed up..... Oh well. I can fix it. I hope. >_<')

Which reminds me, I still need to go to the doctor and try to ask them about all that falling-asleep-every-hour-of-the-day crap again, along with my scalp, which is sometimes sore and pulls uncomfortably on my hair when I just put in a loose ponytail, even....
Bleh. Whatever. My retarded health issues and such shall not ruin my mood right now! :D I'm gonna go get my leftover breakfast burrito and find something to watch on the computer. Mmmm, yes! ^_^
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14 August 2010 @ 02:59 pm
I can't eat anything lately. Well, I can, but I don't want to, and what I do eat makes me sick. My appetite has been really screwed up, too... But yeah. Everything either tastes really weird (for example: I had some strawberry cake the other night, and it had an alcohol aftertaste, and the actual cake tasted kind of like a sweet cheese......AJ had a piece, though, and confirmed I was just going crazy, lol), or it simply makes me want to vomit (I just had a few stuffed shells, one of my favourite foods in the world, but it made me dizzy with sickness after a few bites, despite not tasting bad to me). It's been a very extreme feeling many times now. Luckily (....I guess), though, I'm one of those people who can only throw up if I make myself. Otherwise, I'd probably be kneeling at the toilet nearly every day. :\
This is becoming very irritating, though. I haven't gotten the calories and such I've needed to the past few days, so I'm worried that all my hard work of recovery-eating will start to quickly be a waste. Plus, I'm simply hungry all the time because I can't finish most meals. And obviously, I'm sick most of the day because of this. Monkey balls. -_- I'm actually considering seeing a doctor about this and some other things... There's a few issues with my insurance right now though, so all this will have to wait. Hopefully it will just go away.
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